What I offer

I have a wide range of skills and understanding of different businesses sectors and my experience, versatility and enthusiasm always leaves my clients impressed and delighted with the final results.

Specialising in graphic design for print and online I offer bespoke design for products such as brochures, menus, leaflets, promotional marketing material, packaging and much more. I also create branding and logos, design websites, newsletters and create graphics specifically for online usage such as social media and content for websites.

The process

The process for good design is fundamentally based on problem solving; with the end result being one that communicates its message perfectly and looks great. I use a simple but effective process to get there.

1. Research & understanding

One of the most important aspects of a project is the initial research; understanding the specific business I am working with and also the end customer’s needs. This specific research helps to develop context for the project.

3. Communication & problem solving

The aim here is see how we can clearly and effectively communicate your message, and solve any problems based around communication, design and presentation.

2. Concept

Building a concept is all about setting the direction and framework for design decisions and problem solving. This process incorporates verbal and visual concepts with brand consistency and aesthetics in mind.

4. Development

This is the main phase; creating the design with all the different aspects taken into account; communicating the message perfectly and beautifully.

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